The big sculptural pieces and ceramic forms are usually carried out by handbuilding, or partly by using molds.The works often gain their birth from literature – a sentence or just a single word may lead to a whole series of works.

The human relationships often serve as motif – life lived and it’s small nuances. To keep the ability to wonder is important. The questions that arise do not produce simple answers.

In my works I am trying to achieve lightness in hard and heavy material of clay.
Lately I have developed three-dimensional print plate techniques that I connect with double-walled and pierced surfaces. Therefore light and shadow play an increasing role in my works.

The works are fired in both electric and wood kilns.


Mielen järkäleet


Valossa ja varjossa

Talvisia tarinoita (2000-2004)

Neljä tarinaa (2000-2002)

Lume (1998-2002)