I am a ceramist living in Salo, South-West Finland. My studio is situated in the old ironworks village of Teijo – surrounded by historical environment and natural beauty. I work as a ceramic artist also making utilitarian ware for everyday use. I have had the studio since 2000.


As a child I dreamed of living in the countryside. Now I have found my environment. Taking care of the garden surrounding the house takes a big deal of my time. Nursing a herb- and vegetable garden is delightful for the body and soul. I see my work evolving organically as a response to my life and immediate environment. Natural forms, symbols and decorations find their way in to my work. The colours too are reflections of the surrounding cliffs, forests and plants.

The history of ceramics maintains and connects human cultures, eyes and souls. By upholding the ceramic traditions I feel I am a small part of this aesthetic craftmanship – in new and innovative way.