Functional ware

Handmade and thrown objects maintain the history of ceramics.
In functional ware my aim is to make dishes combining functionality and aesthetics in forms and decorations.

Thrown cups and saucers are hand-decorated by drawings and engravings.The final touch is gained with individually made glazes. The production contains also candleholders and lampshades as well as other products suitable for atmospheric interior decoration. Materials and glazes used are suitable for dishwasher and microwave oven. Functional ware is being fired in electric- and wood kiln.
In good and bad times people tend to sit down, take their favourite cup from a shelf and enjoy a cup of a warm drink – meet a good friend.
My goal is to create utilitarian cups and dishes for everyday use. Forms that speak primarily about functionality and intimacy gained through daily use. Welcome among good friends.



Kaikki Marras-tuotteet ovat keskenään yhdisteltävissä.



Kaikki Touko-tuotteet ovat keskenään yhdisteltävissä.



Kaikki Rusko-tuotteet ovat keskenään yhdisteltävissä.